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Ringtone maker - free download

Why pay for your ringtone when you can make it yourself for free ?
Free download of this ringtone maker is just a click away, no registration, no fees, no problem.

You can use them on your Nokia, Sony or Motorola phone. In fact any phone that supports MP3 ringtones.
Why spend time and money to download ringtone tunes each month, when you can make your own whenever you want for free.

So long as your phone supports MP3 files and you can transfer the ringtones over to via a cable from your computer, it doesn't even matter what wireless network you are using.
RingJone is written in Java so it will run on your computer whether you use Windows, Apple or Linux.
No fees - No ties: The functionality is not restricted if you don't register. The program will not expire if you don't register. It's easy to use and available for free.
To get you up to speed quickly, read our Tutorial and also if you need it our extra tutorial for converting MP3 ringtones to play on an iPhone.
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